Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a discount if I cannot attend a day?

We understand that due to work or travel restrictions, sometimes you cannot attend a day of camp and we do offer a discount for this. Because of all the build in Supercamp costs, you will receive a maximum of $50 a day for only one day that you are not able to attend. This offer is only valid for requests made before the first day of your camp.

What is your refund policy?

With notice of over 2 weeks, we can provide you a full refund minus a $50 non refundable processing and admin fee for each registration.

If you request a cancellation within 2 weeks of your first day of Supercamp, you will receive a credit for the same length of camp valid only for the current season (subject to availability). All credits will only be issued for a camp of the same or a lower price.

If Supercamp has to cancel a camp for any reason, participants will receive a full refund.

What is the difference between a half day and a full day camp?

We introduced the half day option a few years back as many of our guests were requesting time to go skiing on their own, go alpine skiing, rest, catch up on work, enjoy their hot tub..etc. If you choose the half day option you can still participate in all of the off snow extras before and following your time on snow, you just don’t participate in the afternoon ‘on snow’ session.

Typically, our coaches do the majority of the teaching and instruction in the morning and ski with you in the afternoon. This is what we call ‘guided mileage’. So, you get some mileage and you get to explore the trails but you also have your coach skiing with you to reinforce what you learnt in the morning. This practice time is very important for your skill development.

The price difference  between a half day and full day can be found on the camps page of the website.

What technique will I be skiing on Day 1 if am in a combined Classic and Free (skating) Group?

For 5 day camps you can register to be coached on both Skate and Classic skiing. If you are registered in a 3 day camp, you can choose between Skate or Classic.

On Monday morning if you have registered for Skate and Classic, we will start on Classic (unless told otherwise) and alternate each day or as suggested by your coach.

What time does the 3 day camp start on Friday afternoon?

Our weekend camps start on Friday morning with a camp briefing and arrangement into groups. We will meet at 8:15am and please be ready to ski right away.

Do I need to bring my own waxing iron?

If you have a waxing iron, bring it with you. There are a limited number of irons on site. We can share if asked.

What is included in the camp price?

  • Daily Instruction / coaching (Minimum 2.5 or 5 hours daily pending Half Day or Full Day Courses)
  • Lunches
  • Video Analysis
  • Trail passes
  • Fitness Centre, Sauna, Showers, Wax Room Access at the NATC
  • Activation/Stretching Sessions
  • Return transportation between Sovereign Lake and Silver Star on scheduled days
  • Guest Speakers
  • Sunday Night Welcome Reception (midweek campers only)
  • Famous Coaches Social
  • Camper Welcome Pack

Should I bring my own skis and boots?

It is best to bring your own equipment. The camps will have a supply of skis & boots to demo. Skis may be rented though Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre or Village Ski Shop at Silver Star Mountain.

Where are the Lunches?

The Den is located inside the Townhall Building in Silver Star Village.

Where is the Sunday Night Reception the night before my 5 day camp starts?

The Den – 7:00pm. Located in the ground floor of the Townhall, Silver Star Village.

Contact Us

Bryana van Leeuwen: 807-707-0880