Author: Bryana van Leeuwen

Keith Nicol’s Latest Blog Post is Up!

This is one of our 7-day superstars Michael with head coach Bryana – he made incredible gains technically, and had the biggest smile out on trails! We are so proud to have such motivated, positive skiers at our camps.

Our first five camps have run, and we’ve had an absolute blast on snow with our Supercamp skiers! Between the incredible conditions, beautiful views, and huge technical gains, it’s hard to pinpoint the best part. Highlights include our Friday ‘Orienteering’ points challenge, a fascial release / recovery talk from physiotherapist Greg Redman, and the sunny (but snowy) conditions we’ve been lucky to have!

Please find an update on early season camps at coach Keith Nicol’s Blog:

Photos to come after Supercamp 6 wraps up!

Early Season Camps Sold Out!

Our early season camps for November and December sold out in record time this year! If you would like to join our camp, we have limited space left in January and many spaces remaining in our February camp!

The first Supercamp is wrapping up today – tired smiles and beautiful technique all round! It doesn’t hurt that it’s been snowing…