What Makes a Good Coach

I’ve been fortunate over my athletic years to be coached by some incredible coaches. Even when I stopped competing and began learning new sports, I’ve had great great support and technique instruction. Prior to transitioning into my role as a coach, I came to have a full appreciation for the role a coach fulfills. What I didn’t appreciate, however, was how difficult it actually was to be a coach. Coaches are in such a visible position that exposes them to constant evaluation. Evaluation from their students, their students family & friends, and other coaches in the industry.  But what makes a good coach? I have no doubt everyone has their opinions on that.

A remarkable moment for me as a racer was when I first sat down with my cross country coach. One of the first things she wanted to know was my goals for the season. She did not assume that winning was the most important thing that year. She did not just jump in to what she thought was best. She wanted to learn what I wanted to accomplish so a training plan could be made and implemented to support those goals. While I imagine it is the goal of most racers to win (obviously… for me too) she pushed me beyond this and wanted me to think of these goals as a step towards winning.

There are various parallels between this experience and attending Supercamp. You as a skier come to Supercamp with a goal. That goal may be to master your skills so you can win a race, it might be to learn to ski further and faster, or it might just be to learn to skate or classic. Whatever your goals, it is the responsibility of the Supercamp coaches to learn what they are and work with you to meet those objectives. Our coaches are not just working with you to improve your technique, they are helping to create a remarkable experience where you can achieve your personal best.

So, if I was to be asked what are the traits that make a good coach. My answer is that they do not let their egos and self worth get tied up in the outcome. A good coach is going to learn the objective(s) of their skier, what outcome the skier wants and then work towards creating a learning experience where those objectives can be accomplished. Supercamp is an experience. Our coaches are there for you. Identify your goals and let our camps help you to accomplish great new things.

Our November and December camps are filling up quicker than ever before. We have such a great program to offer you this year so please don’t wait too much longer to register.

See you on the trails soon!
For the whole Supercamp Team

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